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Shopper Marketing Forum 101: Jan 16,2013

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Shopper Marketing Forum 101: A bite of what went down

Sharing is caring, and no one appreciates this term more than we do. Hence, MagiqADs partnered up with Marketing magazine to spread the latest insights and trends on Shopper Marketing with fellow peers from the marketing and retail industry at the Shopper Marketing Forum 101.

MagiqADs lifts Nielsen’s in-store reach index to 87%

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  • 65% of the population visit a hypermarket or supermarket weekly
  • Over 1.5 million people walk into one of the stores in our network every single day – Sailendra, MagiqADs

Media buyers and planners will now have much better data for their retail buying decisions with the inclusion of MagiqADs Retail Network in the Nielsen Media Index July 2010 – June 2011. According to the latest figures, MagiqADs’ retail media reached 53% of the population aged 15+, Peninsular Malaysia, in the past 52 weeks.

MagiqAds hits the target with Jusco

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Dato Siew Ka Wei, CEO of the Redberry Media Group announced at the Retail Media Forum that Aeon Co. (Malaysia) Bhd. had awarded exclusive management of selected in-store media for their chain of JUSCO Stores to MagiqADs Sdn Bhd. Speaking at the Forum, he said the matter had been one of some speculation in the market as MagiqADs had represented limited media for JUSCO up to this point, however the new contract now expands the range of media under MagiqADs management for all 27 stores throughout Malaysia including their Max Value outlets.

Visa: Going Where The Shopper Spends

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After going public in 2008, the global payments technology company Visa launched its first global campaign entitled “More people go with Visa.” Senior Planner, Raymond Chin says “In Malaysia we ran a targeted promotional campaign which provided cardholders an opportunity to win a car that was significant towards improving brand affinity and recall. In addition to print and digital, we looked for a media vehicle that would enable us to connect with shoppers at point of purchase.”

Hypermarket Chains in Malaysia Continue to Grow

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Tesco, Carrefour and Jusco continue to grow from strength to strength by opening almost up to 10 new stores nationwide.

The Future of Retail: Appeal to the Senses

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The artist Jasper Johns said “When something is new to us, we treat it as an experience. We feel that our senses are awake and clear. We are alive.” Scent and sound may just be that cue to make brands alive and revitalize that connection with the consumer.

The Retail Media Forum is Back

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It’s been a while in the planning, but we’re back with the second Retail Media Forum because we had so much fun with the last one. For those of you who missed the last one, it was a half day of discussion and networking with industry experts from around the region presenting on the latest trends and thinking about point of sale and retail marketing. It included new directions in media strategy, creative executions and a round table discussion with leading media planners on the value and reach of retail media.

Ever Wondered Why They Don’t Get You?

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You want to make that connection. Yes, you do. You really really do! Haven’t you tried? Sure you have! All those late night you stayed in the office ploughing through the latest demographic figures, reading up on the latest trends when really you just wanted to go home and get some quality time in with the family, or just laze the evening away in front of the TV.

Hasta La Sony Pictures… They’ll Be Back.

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MagiqADs helped us to increase the awareness of our target audience and communicate to them daily with only a minimal investment.”

- Company Sony Pictures Releasing International

In-store Communication: What Shoppers Really Want.

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It’s hardly surprising that in-store advocates have long preached that the tried and tested techniques of the traditional marketing campaign are no longer enough to motivate customers. Citing better access to information about products, fragmentation of traditional media channels, and built in resistance to marketing messages, and the rise of the mighty hypermarket in-store advertising takes on a whole new lustre. And now finally, it’s more than talk. There’s proof!