Shopper Marketing Forum 101: Jan 16,2013

Shopper Marketing Forum 101: A bite of what went down

Sharing is caring, and no one appreciates this term more than we do. Hence, MagiqADs partnered up with Marketing magazine to spread the latest insights and trends on Shopper Marketing with fellow peers from the marketing and retail industry at the Shopper Marketing Forum 101.

(From left) Kalavalli Sethu, Vivian Chang, Sailendra Kanagasundram, and Sita Subramony

A total of 123 participants came together to attend the forum, which featured three reputable retail expertise, namely Switch Up’s Sita Subramony and Vivian Chang, and Compass Insights’ founder Kalavalli Sethu, who collectively have nearly three decades of experience.

As mentioned by Sita, the first speaker of the afternoon, marketers and retailers need to understand the importance of distinguishing between shopper and consumer, and that research has shown that most brand selections are made in-store. For this reason, realizing this opportunity to influence a shoppers’ decision is crucial.

Next, Kalavalli went on to share that more retailers and manufacturers these days are saving on big bucks spent on market research and turning to social media platforms instead to create an online hype and promote brand awareness among shoppers.

After refuelling  from a short tea-break session, participants listened on as Vivian continued  by giving practical examples on how certain retailers managed to increase their presence and growth in the market by making use of shopper marketing insights in clever and creative manners.

The forum ended with Sita emphasizing on why retailers and manufacturers have to work hand-in-hand to address the shopper. “If they don’t, they will lose out on the shoppers of the day.”

Participants were all ears to what the speakers had to share