Hasta La Sony Pictures… They’ll Be Back.

MagiqADs helped us to increase the awareness of our target audience and communicate to them daily with only a minimal investment.”

- Company Sony Pictures Releasing International

Sony Pictures Releasing International – a joint venture company with Disney registered under Buena Vista Columbia TriStar Films (Malaysia) is a brand name synonymous with great films and home entertainment.

“With the range of films on offer, competition for audience attention can be intense. When the fourth movie in the Terminator franchise was released we wanted to try something different to connect with the audience. It has been almost 6 years since the last Terminator movie, so it was important to alert fans and introduce it to a new target market.” said (Carmen Phua, Marketing Manager from Sony Pictures Releasing International Malaysia).  We decided to experiment with in-store marketing because our research showed it was the most effective way to reach the demographic group we were aiming for.

Working in association with MagiqAds, Sony Pictures considered various in-store channels and finally because of the futuristic feel of the movie they decided to go with Travellator Panels and Wall Banners. To make the campaign more effective Sony Pictures was able to select suitable locations from MagiqAds’s nationwide retail media network to specifically target hypermarkets located close to, or in malls that included a cinema.

The Senior Account Manager on the project Stephanie Ng says, “Terminator is not unfamiliar to us but it was important to reconnect with the audience who hadn’t seen a Terminator movie since Terminator: Rise of the Machines in 2003. The client liked the size of the media. We believed it was big enough to make an impression but more personal than an outdoor billboard. The Travellator Panels also added to the mood – the whole idea of being human in an automated environment which really sums up what the whole movie is about.

“We needed something with high visibility and engagement to connect with the audience especially as Terminator opened at the peak of the summer movie release period around the same time as a whole range of other action movies like Transformers 2, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and G.I Joe. Ultimately Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins grossed close to USD4 million at the Malaysian box office and currently ranks as the No:2 movie of 2009, beaten only by Transformers 2. We think that in-store promotions contributed to that success and amazingly it didn’t cost that much so we’re certainly going to be looking at making more investments in in-store advertising and continuing this relationship.