Ever Wondered Why They Don’t Get You?

You want to make that connection. Yes, you do. You really really do! Haven’t you tried? Sure you have! All those late night you stayed in the office ploughing through the latest demographic figures, reading up on the latest trends when really you just wanted to go home and get some quality time in with the family, or just laze the evening away in front of the TV.

Bold moves? You’ve tried the lot. You’re the one who pushed, cajoled, hand-held, made recommendations that you thought would push another frontier. You’ve faced down rejection, apathy, and all those guys who just don’t have your vision; all in the quest for that elusive connection with the consumer.

Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship will know that often problems result not because of the parties involved by because of the influence of other parties, friends, family, even pets. So it’s only common sense that to effectively reach the consumer, manufacturers and retailers need to get to know each other a lot better.

Although both retailers and manufacturers strongly desired a more collaborative approach to communicating with consumers, a recent study indicates that there is a dire need to close the gap between retailers and manufacturers. Both parties cited a failure on the part of the others to understand business goals and business strategies, resulting in slow response, poor cooperation, and ultimately a failure to make an impact on the customer.

Sadly, rather than addressing the problem, the stock reaction in this situation is to assign blame. So here’s a thought- if you want to reach the customer, why not spend some time getting to know your retail partners better. And maybe in the process of getting to know where they’re coming from, they’ll understand you better too.