MagiqAds hits the target with Jusco

Dato Siew Ka Wei, CEO of the Redberry Media Group announced at the Retail Media Forum that Aeon Co. (Malaysia) Bhd. had awarded exclusive management of selected in-store media for their chain of JUSCO Stores to MagiqADs Sdn Bhd. Speaking at the Forum, he said the matter had been one of some speculation in the market as MagiqADs had represented limited media for JUSCO up to this point, however the new contract now expands the range of media under MagiqADs management for all 27 stores throughout Malaysia including their Max Value outlets.

Dato Siew said “We at Redberry are delighted with this new development. The increased number of media available will result in MagiqADs being able to provide better communication solutions to their clients and provide more opportunities for synergy within the Redberry Retail Group.

MagiqADs CEO, Sailendra K said, “We have always prided ourselves as representing Malaysia’s most premium retail segment. Aeon Co. is a valued partner, and we are very pleased they have decided to expand our basket of offerings.”

The hypermarket segment is one of the most valued retail segments in terms of media for sheer reach and volume. The Nielson Market Information Digest 2010, reported that hypermarkets are the fastest growing retail segment with a growth of over 14% in the past year. 71% of Malaysians visit a hypermarket at least once a month and of this the Magiqads network represents 62% of these outlets. It is further noted that 37% of consumers spend most of their money at hypermarkets and they are one of the most visited retail outlets with frequency of visits averaging 2.4 times a month.