Our Methodology

What is MAGIQ?

M is for Marketing Mix

We consider your product or brand in terms of use, unique selling proposition, price, and competitive framework of your brand and determine the best fit for communication.

A is for Atmosphere

We look at the retail environment in which your brand or product is placed and consider how best to increase visibility and draw attention to your brand.

G is for Getting the Consumer

We consider consumer mindsets and work out in-sights not just with regards your product but also the factors what influence them  in the retail environment to determine messages that will make your brand compelling at the moment when the purchase choice is made.

I is for Initiating Idea

We consolidate our findings about your product, the retail environment and the consumer to create a comprehensive proposal that combines message and medium.

Q is for Quantum

We provide costing options and evaluation criteria so you can determine your budgets, and measure the effectiveness of your campaign.