Corporate Info

We are proud to call ourselves Retail Media Specialists because we consider ourselves to be specialists in the business of making brands appear bigger and more noticeable by consumers. We became operational in 2006, and from that time have represented and worked with some of the biggest and most established brands in Malaysia.

Our services include assessing your brand values and budget and working with you to strategise and propose solutions to increase the visibility and benefits of your brands.

Our creative department will propose, develop and render creative concepts to fit your brand or product in accordance with your budget. We are able to work from briefs or in association with creative agencies to render your ideas into floor-stoppers and other media.

We also have a dedicated production, installation and maintenance team that works on site to ensure proper installation, maintenance, cleaning and where necessary replacement of all media installed by us.


Our Partners

In February 2007, we obtained an exclusive license from 3M Malaysia Sdn Bhd for supply of floor media sub-strates and laminates for hypermarkets, supermarkets and retail chains and transport hubs.

All materials provided to us are durable in high-traffic conditions, water-proof and fire-resistant.


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